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Cheese Awards





This year there were not enough entries in each category to award a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal, so Chris Ashby, distinguished judge,  awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd places overall, with Supreme Cheese.


3rd Place
Hard cheese –yellow waxed. Sticky curd, pasty in mouth, low flavour level. The cheese exhibits characteristics of being made with homogenised milk, it would be much better made with non-homogenised milk, or a blend of skimmed and double cream (12 parts skim to 1 part double cream)
Very well done to Kenneth Gilbert.


2nd Place
White mould ripened cheese. Well broken down, looks very good, but is too salty for perfection.
Very well done to Tracie Baines for cheese made with local raw Jersey milk.


1st Place    
Fresh cheese. Clean, fresh, very slight goat flavour notes.  A very nice cheese.
Congratulations Dr Peter Randle for his fresh cheese, made using goat’s and Jersey cow’s milk.



Supreme Cheese.
Fresh Cheese.  Very well done Peter. Please put together a list of cheese making equipment to the value of £150. Please note, there is no time limit, so take your time!

A suitably cheesy medal will be sent out to all the winners. An enormous thank you to everyone for taking part.






Once again there will be a ‘Supreme Amateur Cheese’ with the winner receiving £150 worth of Moorlands cheese making equipment of their choice, with Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners for each category.

Below are some guide lines to help but if you need further information please don’t hesitate to contact us in the office on 01963350634 or info@cheesemaking.co.uk

  1. Your cheese should be entire, weighing no more than 1kg.
  2. Very clearly mark your packaging with your name, address, category entered and a brief description that can be used on the results page.
  3. Each cheese will be numbered this end and judged anonymously, so any attempts to bribe Chris will, once again, be in vain!
  4. All the entries will be stored at the same temperature the night before judging.
  5. Please enter as many of the categories as you wish but only 1 cheese per category.
  6. Please send your entries to Kathrin Loxton c/o Moorlands Cheesemakers, Lorien House, South Street, Castle Cary, Somerset. BA7 7ES
  7. Sorry, but it is not possible to return any enteries after the awards
  8. Its free to enter and a lot of fun

The categories are ……

Fresh Cheese
White Mould Ripened Cheese
Blue Cheese
Semi-Soft Cheese
Hard Cheese
Any Cheese with Additives

If you are knocking out, (or know someone too modest to enter and wont miss one ) some pretty good home made cheese, please send it in. The last three winners of the ‘Supreme Cheese’ have all gone on to successfully market their cheeses, so come on, lets give the big boys a run for their money!

Good Luck

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