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Ash / Pure Activated Charcoal 1kg

Ash / Pure Activated Charcoal 1kg
Ash / Pure Activated Charcoal 1kg
Product Code: 1034L
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Ash, sometimes called Activated Charcoal, is a food grade charcoal used on some soft cheeses to neutralise the surface of the cheese, creating a friendly environment for the growth of Penicillium Candidum. Ash is always mixed with salt before applying to the cheese. Your cheese will usually develop a blue-grey, mottled rind with a nutty texture and a strong creamy flavour. Directions. Mix some ash with salt for applying. In a few days the black rind will become grey as the white mold grows through. After 8-10 days the entire rind should be white. If the mold growth is blue instead of white your cheese is too acidic; grey and hairy, the cheese is not acidic enough retaining too much moisture. Store Ash in a cool, dry place. Keeps indefinitely.
Ratio of between 1-5 and 1-8 Ash to Salt as a guideline.


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