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Chevre Cheese Making Starter

Chevre Cheese Making Starter
Chevre Cheese Making Starter
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Produces a lovely rich, creamy cheese made from goats milk. Definitely one to impress yours friends .... or in my case friend !. Directions: Heat 3.75ltrs of goat's milk to 30c. Add 1 packet, let rehydrate 2 mins and stir. Cover and let set at 72f for 12hrs. Ladle curd gently into straining bag, hang and drain for 6-12hrs. Refrigerate and enjoy. 5 sachets

Contents:- Lactose, S.Lactis, S.Cremoris, Biovar Diacertylactis, Microbial Coagulant Enzyme

** This starter already contains microbial rennet **

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