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The Handee Cheese Cutter

The Handee Cheese Cutter
The Handee Cheese Cutter
Product Code: 0096
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Price: £67.00
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Instructions. Place the cheese cutter on a flat surface with the front overlapping the edge of the surface, making sure it is firm and steady. Place the cheese on the platform resting against the raised portion of the machine and pull the handle steadily and gently towards you, whilst holding the machine steady with your other hand. Let the slicing action of the wire do the cutting. One complete slicing motion will ensure a beautifully smooth cut. The machine should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth. After cutting a soft, herb flavoured or blue cheese, it may be necessary to wipe the cheese wire clean. Each cutter supplied with pack of 12 spare wires. Spare wires also sold separately (0097) 

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